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New Phyrexia - Card Spoils Discussion

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Chancellor of the DrossFour ManaBlack ManaBlack ManaBlack Mana
Creature - VampireRare
If Chancellor of the Dross is in your opening hand, you may reveal it. If you do, at the beginning of your first upkeep, you may have each opponent lose 3 life. Gain life equal to the life lost this way.
Flying, Lifelink
Stephan Martiniere 6/6

AvatarDate Posted: 4/9/2011
Posted By: Josh Hendricks
Member Since: 8/7/2008
         Whoah! What if you had all 4 in your opening hand! You make them lose 12 life and you gain 12 life.....and then you have 4 cards in your hand that you can't cast before you die.

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