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Baneslayer Angel
Baneslayer AngelThree ManaWhite ManaWhite Mana
Creature - AngelMythic Rare
Flying, first strike, lifelink, protection from Demons and from Dragons
Some angels protect the meek and innocent. Others seek out and smite evil wherever it lurks.
Illus. Greg Staples5/5

AvatarDate Posted: 6/8/2010
Posted By: Matthew Wheat
Joined before August '08
         Someone st Magic HQ hates us

zendikar killed 5cc
AvatarDate Posted: 6/8/2010
Posted By: Zack Strait
Member Since: 4/9/2008
         I love this card! It is new and exciting!

"The shit look like ya hand when you be doin a shadow puppet for a duck n shit nahmean. Shit be lookin like it jus caught a pop fly in center field n whatever whatever nahmean." re: Ghostface Killa on lil' kim's vagina.
AvatarDate Posted: 6/22/2010
Posted By: Christian Collodi
Member Since: 5/5/2008
         The Serra Angel of the 21st century, Baneslayer is MTG's new iconic creature.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently. - Friedrich Nietzsche

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