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The Hobby Horse's Stats

Last Year's Stats Summary

Rankings for February

Pick a day -

1stDamion Donoho70 pts
2ndMartin Stanley52 pts
3rdSean Joans27 pts
4thJames Wiant26 pts
4thZack Strait26 pts
6thChristian Collodi24 pts
7thMatt Dunkirk23 pts
7thMike Lehmkuhl23 pts
9thCruz Kampeth20 pts
10thPatrick King19 pts

Rankings for October

1stDamion Donoho85 pts
2ndMartin Stanley81 pts
3rdChristian Collodi48 pts
4thJordan Poltrack45 pts
5thBrandon Coultas31 pts
5thGreg Hill31 pts
7thJames Wiant30 pts
8thRay Koonce23 pts
9thPatrick King21 pts
9thTim Walbright21 pts

Over All Rankings

For the Year

1stDamion Donoho195 pts
2ndMartin Stanley144 pts
3rdSean Joans66 pts
4thJames Wiant63 pts
5thChristian Collodi60 pts
6thJordan Poltrack55 pts
7thZack Strait37 pts
8thPatrick King36 pts
9thMatt Dunkirk33 pts
10thBrendan Pitti30 pts

Over All Attendance

For the Year

Damion Donoho 95%
Martin Stanley 91%
Christian Collodi 62%
Matt Dunkirk 45%
James Wiant 33%
Patrick King 33%
Ray Koonce 33%
Jordan Poltrack 29%
Sean Joans 29%
Brandon Coultas 25%

Over All Originality

For the Year

No Originality Reported
Magic for the Noob in all of us!
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