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Date Posted: 11/4/2011
Posted By: Jeremy Banks
Member Since: 5/3/2008
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Last Post: 11/5/2011
         I thought it would be cool to go back and revisit some pold posts and try to breathe life into this forum again!! I swear I clicked on an old page and just opened one thread and found this gem by Josh. Here it is....
        M10 Best of the New Stuff
         10) Awakener Druid
         A 3 mana 1/1 that when played correctly makes a forest a 4/5 which can swing out immediately. That's my sleeper for the set!
         9) Gargoyle Castle
         This has been talked about here before so I won't go overboard, but making creatures at the end of your opponent's turn that they can't counter is just plain good.
         8) Great Stable Stag
         A 3-drop at 3/3 is good...add uncounterability and pro blue and black and this should be a staple in green sideboards and even splash into mainboards.
         7) Cemetery Reaper
         Any time you can put main board graveyard hate in a deck it's a positive thing. This guy is just plain solid.
         6) Baneslayer Angel
         A great finisher! A great cost! A great beater! A great defender! Everything about this card screams awesome.
         5) Master of the Wild Hunt
         This was Evan Erwin's preview card and he got a good one. Green now has direct damage!?!?! That's tits!
         4) Honor of the Pure
         Here's a card I hate because of Kithkin, but it will see heavy play.
         3) Goblin Chieftan
         I was hoping I would never see something like this again. I don't play goblins so I have a feeling that I'm going to see a lot of this guy sitting on the table across from me.
         2) Doomblade
         We're already seeing Terror pop up in many maindecks and sideboards. This is a strict upgrade that will see a ton of play.
         1) Captain of the Watch
         Ugh. I thought Cloudgoat Ranger was bad. This is like the Ranger on a mix or crack and steroids. So...for 6 mana I get a 3/3 with vigilance and 3 2/2s with vigilance? Good lord what was Wizards thinking!?
        "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." Barack Obama
        Justs makes me laugh thinking about how we thought the Captain was uber awesome and Josh was wondering what the hell they were thinking! lolz And Cemetary Reaper...... UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :)

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Change AvatarDate Posted: 11/5/2011
Posted By: Matthew Ratz
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