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Selling Cards?

Midwest Magic is always buying cards. You can view the Buylist Here. You may notice that the list is the StarCityGames Buylist. I will buy anything you are willing to sell at StarCity Buy Prices.

I Also buy Bulk at the following prices:
Rares 8 for $1
Commons / Uncommons 1000 for $4

Bulk Foils:
Rares 4 for $1
Uncommons 10 for $1
Commons 20 for $1

(Bulk Prices are higher than what StarCity is paying!)

On top of all this, the only work you will need to do is to compile a list of the cards you wish to sell. I will spend the time to price them all out for you, and then communicate the price. That can save you hours of searching and headache. I will also come and get the cards, or meet in a mutually convenient location to pick them up*. No need to waste the time packing and shipping them out. So if you have cards laying around you want to get rid of, or are in a financial pinch and need some quick cash, why not sell locally, to me!

My E-mail address for these transactions is:

*Pick up is on a "Local" basis (Central Illinois) I am not driving to Texas! for details, shoot me an e-mail and we can talk.
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