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I have an extensive collection ranging all the way back to Alpha. The list price on these cards is cheaper than you will find anywhere else (i.e. and hopefully close to ebay prices, as that is the market. That being said, I may often be out of specific cards. This is not a shop, or a store where you will always find cards you need. I do hope it becomes the first place you look!

If you are searching and you see any listing you think is over priced or out of whack, please e-mail me If you are local and want pick-up / delivery, payment can be made at the time of delivery. Please e-mail for details. Additionally, all payments (aside from pick-ups and deliveries) would be preffered through Paypal. I also accept checks (longer time to wait for check to clear), Money Orders and Cash (cash typically needs to be "hidden" when sent through the mail).

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