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Date Posted: 11/7/2011
Posted By: Dustin Kramer
Joined before August '08
Number of Replies: 4
Last Post: 11/12/2011
Force of Wills this Sat....
         there mines...... :)

Home is where you can find a decent graveyard and strangers can disappear without awkward questions."Braids, Cabal Minion

Change AvatarDate Posted: 11/7/2011
Posted By: Matthew Ratz
Member Since: 2/29/2008
         *they're mine(s)

Playing to Win is Playing for Fun - Matthew Ratz

Change AvatarDate Posted: 11/7/2011
Posted By: Jeff Peel
Joined before August '08
         I still say Martin should have thrown in some grammar with the last cards he sold you...

This was on Evan Erwin's "The Magic Show", so I'm 100% sure it's correct.

Change AvatarDate Posted: 11/10/2011
Posted By: Josh Snider
Member Since: 7/24/2010
         Also, those Forces will be leaving with me, or whoever wishes to buy them from me.

"This makes about as much sense as Hellen Keller shooting trap!" - Me

Date Posted: 11/12/2011
Posted By: Andrew Wilson
Joined before August '08
         nope they will be mine!

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