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Date Posted: 12/25/2009
Posted By: Matthew Ratz
Member Since: 2/29/2008
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Last Post: 12/25/2009
Merry Christmas to all!
         If you are spending time away from the family to look at the website then... Merry Christmas! Hope everyone got all the loot from Santa they could have ever wanted!

Playing to Win is Playing for Fun - Matthew Ratz

Change AvatarDate Posted: 12/25/2009
Posted By: Zack Strait
Member Since: 4/9/2008
         This is how all my christmas's should be. The house all to myself and playing WoW all day.

"The shit look like ya hand when you be doin a shadow puppet for a duck n shit nahmean. Shit be lookin like it jus caught a pop fly in center field n whatever whatever nahmean." re: Ghostface Killa on lil' kim's vagina.

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Re: Merry Christmas to all!

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