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Josh Hendricks's Decklist

U/W Enchantments
2/12/2010 Standard, FNM 6P.M. Start time!

4x Path to Exile

3x Day of Judgment
2x Mind Spring
1x Kiss of the Amesha

3x Journey to Nowhere
3x Oblivion Ring
4x Luminarch Ascension
2x Sigil of the Empty Throne
2x Mind Control

4x Knight of the White Orchid
2x Sphinx of Jwar Isle
2x Wall of Reverence
4x Wall of Denial

4x Mistfield Borderpost

2x Serji Refuge
2x Celestial Collonade
9x Plains
7x Island

Side Board
4x Deft Duelist
4x Dragon Claw
4x Angel Song
2x Open the Vaults
1x Day of Judgment

Magic for the Noob in all of us!
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