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The Hobby Horse's Stats

Last Year's Stats Summary

Rankings for April

Pick a day -

1stAaon Stickney0 pts
2ndAaron Bowling0 pts
3rdAaron Koontz0 pts
3rdAaron Beaston0 pts
3rdAaron Beccue0 pts
3rdAaron Durham0 pts
3rdAaron Fructal0 pts
3rdAaron House0 pts
3rdAaron Nation0 pts
3rdAaron Schlueter0 pts

Recent Month Stats





Over All Rankings

For the Year

1stDamion Donoho259 pts
2ndMartin Stanley211 pts
3rdChristian Collodi88 pts
4thJames Wiant86 pts
5thSean Joans75 pts
6thJordan Poltrack73 pts
7thPatrick King57 pts
8thBrendan Pitti42 pts
8thMatt Dunkirk42 pts
10thZack Strait37 pts

Over All Attendance

For the Year

Damion Donoho 100%
Martin Stanley 96%
Christian Collodi 63%
Matt Dunkirk 42%
Patrick King 36%
James Wiant 33%
Jordan Poltrack 30%
Ryan Smith 27%
Sean Joans 27%
Todd Dyer 27%

Over All Originality

For the Year

No Originality Reported
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