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The Hobby Horse's Stats

Last Year's Stats Summary

Rankings for October

Pick a day -

1stMartin Stanley38 pts
2ndDamion Donoho34 pts
3rdGreg Hill22 pts
4thJames Wiant20 pts
5thChristian Collodi13 pts
6thJoshua Kuntz10 pts
7thBrandon Coultas9 pts
7thJordan Poltrack9 pts
9thRay Koonce8 pts
10thAaron Fructal6 pts

Recent Month Stats





Over All Rankings

For the Year

1stMartin Stanley917 pts
2ndDamion Donoho807 pts
3rdChristian Collodi459 pts
4thJames Wiant283 pts
5thSean Joans270 pts
6thGreg Hill238 pts
7thBrandon Coultas233 pts
8thEric Kuntz229 pts
9thJoshua Kuntz228 pts
10thJordan Poltrack225 pts

Over All Attendance

For the Year

Martin Stanley 93%
Damion Donoho 76%
Christian Collodi 64%
Brandon Coultas 45%
Eric Kuntz 33%
Greg Hill 30%
James Wiant 30%
Patrick King 29%
Sean Joans 28%
Ray Koonce 27%

Over All Originality

For the Year

Christopher Wintermeyer 100%
Magic for the Noob in all of us!
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