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The Hobby Horse's Stats

Last Year's Stats Summary

Rankings for January

Pick a day -

1stDamion Donoho84 pts
2ndMartin Stanley66 pts
3rdJordan Poltrack33 pts
4thJames Wiant26 pts
4thSean Joans26 pts
6thChristian Collodi25 pts
7thJoshua Kuntz24 pts
8thPatrick King18 pts
9thTony Mollet14 pts
10thBrendan Pitti13 pts

Over All Rankings

For the Year

1stDamion Donoho81 pts
2ndMartin Stanley66 pts
3rdJordan Poltrack31 pts
4thJames Wiant25 pts
5thSean Joans24 pts
6thChristian Collodi23 pts
7thJoshua Kuntz22 pts
8thPatrick King18 pts
9thRay Koonce13 pts
9thTodd Dyer13 pts

Over All Attendance

For the Year

Damion Donoho 90%
Martin Stanley 90%
Christian Collodi 50%
Jordan Poltrack 40%
Matt Dunkirk 40%
Ray Koonce 40%
Christopher Wintermeyer 30%
James Wiant 30%
Joshua Kuntz 30%
Patrick King 30%

Over All Originality

For the Year

No Originality Reported
Magic for the Noob in all of us!
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